Start training


 Federation of Aesthetic and Rhythmic Gymnastics thanks you for showing interest to the most beautiful sport activity and having the desire to save health and take care not only of your child but whole Kazakhstan as well.

In order to start training in our Federation you need to:

- Tell your child about Aesthetic gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics for children, Rhythmic Gymnastics;

Read all documents on our site (Contract, Rules of Studies Attendance, Safety rules, Training program);

- Take a look at the actual  Training Schedule;

- Specify the Contacts including roadmap and phone numbers

- Attend the introduction training to learn the methods of training, get acquainted with coaching staff of the Federation, understand whether you want your child to do such sport activity or not and realize your willingness to support your child.

- Before the first training you should provide teacher-trainer of the Federation with the medical certificate of established form specifying the health condition of your child with the conclusion concerning the ability to do sport.

- Provide the receipt confirming the payment of gratuitous contribution the Federation

- Provide filled form of you and your child with photos

- Sign the contract about collaborative activity in Federation

- Read and sign in the «Safety measures and labor protection» and «Rules of Training Attendance» journals to confirm that you learned all the instructions.

Welcome to the Federation of Aesthetic and Rhythmic Gymnastics!

Yours respectfully,

Vladimir Terletskiy

President of the Federation