Aesthetic gymnastics

   Team spirit and expression

   Aesthetic gymnastics is new, entertaining and one of the most beautiful sport activities for girls of any age based on the stylistic and natural body movements. Aesthetic gymnastics is often called synchronous swimming on the carpet. It is due to incredible synchrony of movements, musicality of compositions and virtuosity of performance. Beauty, grace and inspiration – you can see all this in aesthetic gymnastics.  Evenness, grace, elegance and immediacy are perfectly combined in this sport activity.

   Aesthetic gymnastics is not only beautiful and gracious but also romantic.  It is not for nothing that famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin fell in love with founder of aesthetic gymnastics.  Isadora Duncan is considered founder of this kind of gymnastics. It was she who started dancing barefoot and without pointe like in classic ballet. Her movements included Ancient Greece plastique.

   Aesthetic gymnastics is team sport and dancers do not use ribbons, balls and hoops like in rhythmic gymnastics. Team must be one including even every glance, breath and passing finger movement. During the training dancers perfect every movement and achieve complete unification with music. Aesthetic gymnastics competition is tremendous performance. Every competition program is little play combining sport, plastique, grace, contemporary choreography, team spirit and expression.    

   Aesthetic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics are often compared. They really have the same origin. But in order to do aesthetic gymnastics dancer don’t need to have perfect qualifications. That is why girls of all ages can do this sport activity.