Rhythmic gymnastics

Art and sport

Rhythmic gymnastics is quite young and most beautiful sport originating in Russia. It was created thanks to ballet maestro of Mariinskiy theatre. Rhythmic gymnastics quickly gained worldwide acceptance and became popular sport activity.

Rhythmic gymnastics is harmonious combination of art and sport. It makes the world around softer, warmer and tender. We need it as symbol of beauty.

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the main remedies of training for girls. Training is focused on development of coordination skills, flexibility, agility, reaction, strength and endurance. Thanks to the uniform development of all muscle group girls have correct posture formed as well as elegance and ease of movements. The system of musical education used in rhythmic gymnastics provides the ability to hear and understand music and promotes aesthetic education.

Basic rhythmic gymnastics is used for harmonious physical development, healthcare and improvement of motive functions and posture of trainee.

Thanks to the combination of gymnastics and ballet coordination and expressiveness of each movement developed. Basis of any dance is a classical choreography which gives basic and fundamental lessons (an extension, flexibility, power loadings). This choreography is actual even in everyday life. The integral basic part of every kinds of dance and sport is to become more steady, have good sense of direction and improve skill of a self-insurance.

Girls can do this sport activity from the youngest age. They quickly get gorgeous posture, agility to move nicely, hear and understand music and have good and healthy look. But it is only the beginning. Girls dreaming of serious sport achievements can fulfill their dreams. There are many different kinds of sport activities in the world, but only rhythmic gymnastics can be recommended for girls without any restrictions.